Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Seattle's First Net-Zero Home

The relationship with the EcoBuilding Guild's Green Home Tour (happening April 21st and 22nd) has lead to an opportunity to photograph Seattles first net-zero house. This home will generate as much electricity per year that it uses in the same period. You can see the solar array on the roof in the photo above. There's more after the break.

I do not normally try to get the toilet in my bathroom photos (you know its there) but this one is quite unique. It has a small sink on top allowing you to wash your hands while the tank is filling, reducing water waste. Quite cool!

The owners of the home incorporated many reclaimed materials in the construction of their home including fir flooring from Salisbury Woodworking on Bainbridge Island pictured here.

You can learn more about this awesome home at

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